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Complete construction and branding of Liro website

Website Design and Branding

Liro is a company devoted to the artistry of nature, specializes in crafting exquisite paper flower arrangements and succulent displays. With a passion for sustainable beauty, Liro seamlessly blends creativity and eco-consciousness in each handcrafted masterpiece. The vibrant and intricate paper flower arrangements are a testament to the skilled craftsmanship that goes into every petal and bloom, offering a timeless and sustainable alternative to traditional floral decorations. Additionally, Liro’s succulent arrangements bring the allure of desert flora into homes and events, providing low-maintenance greenery that lasts.

We designed Liro’s website and logo, seamlessly blending vibrant botanical elements with modern design principles, creating an online presence as captivating and artistic as the paper flower and succulent arrangements they offer.

Branding & Logo

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