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Nice Pack Team

Complete construction and branding of Nice Pack Team website

Website Design and Branding

Nice Pack Team is a company that is aimed at companies operating in the HoReCa sector, offering them the possibility to create their own set of cutlery that offers a guarantee of quality and safety to the end consumer. The company offers a wide range of cutlery: economy cutlery, luxury cutlery, premium cutlery, biodegradable cPLA (corn starch based crystallized polylactic acid) cutlery and wooden cutlery. You can also choose one of three types of packaging foil: transparent BOPP foil, paper foil and biodegradable foil. Each type of foil can be personalized with your logo.

We took inspiration from the precision and sophistication of Nice Pack Team’s custom cutlery sets to meticulously design their website and logo, ensuring a seamless online representation that mirrors the elegance and uniqueness of their bespoke dining solutions.

Branding & Logo

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